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Street Evangelism Training with Geoffrey Hilder 2017

Sat 17 Jun

Christian Street Conversations Training (Street Evangelism)

Date 17th June—25th July 2017


Christian Street Conversations Training (Street Evangelism) with Geoffrey Hilder 17 June - 25 July 2017

Geoffrey Hilder is returning to our shores from Australia on the 17 June to the 25 July 2017, seeking to serve again with the offer of Christian Street Conversations training. As a church you may have had the benefit of some of Geoffrey’s training in the past and may now welcome a refresher session or a new session with an entirely new group of potential street evangelists! Geoffrey is willing to run sessions that commence with an hour of training and prayer, then actually going on the streets to talk to strangers about the Gospel, followed by discussion, debriefing and prayer. These sessions, about three hours in all, could take place during the day or early evening.                                                                       

Geoffrey’s training is recommended by various supporters such as Rico Tice, Senior Minister (Evangelism) All Souls Langham Place, Phillip Jensen of Two Ways Ministries and Marcus Nodder Senior Pastor St Peters Barge Canary Wharf.

Here at All Souls we have been so thankful for Geoffrey Hilder’s expertise in training people for Christian Street Conversations. It’s a great thing to do, but scary and Geoffrey combines an excellent underlying theological framework with a methodology in training that has obviously been tried and tested over the years. He knows exactly what he’s doing as we send people out in pairs, with a great question for starting a conversation about faith. It’s accessible and people so enjoyed it here at All Souls, that the same group went out again last Sunday. Many, many thanks for your help, Geoffrey, you’ve really inspired us and trained us. 
                                           Rico Tice, Senior Minister (Evangelism) All Souls, Langham Place

Who would have thought that street evangelism would make a comeback? Geoffrey Hilder has hham Placeelped countless Christians overcome their fear and explain the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to strangers in the street. We now have a growing team of enthusiastic street evangelists at our Cathedral in Sydney, who have Geoffrey to thank for initiating and training them in this basic evangelistic skill.
                                         Phillip Jensen, Two Ways Ministries

Geoffrey came to The Barge to do a training session on Christian Street Conversations, which basically involves going up to complete strangers and trying to get into a gospel conversation.  I could see this might work in Sydney but was pretty sceptical about how it would translate over here. I was proved wrong. Those of us who went out trembling after an hour of training came back rejoicing and we’ve had a group going out regularly since then. It gives those who do it great experience in sharing the gospel, builds their confidence and strengthens their faith - and it sows gospel seeds in the lives of lots of others.  To quote some feedback from one of the initial group: Geoffrey’s practical tips worked extremely well to get me comfortable having a conversation about the gospel with complete strangers. More than being comfortable it felt great to follow Jesus‘ command to ’Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation''. Can’t argue with that! 
           Marcus Nodder, Senior Pastor The Barge, London

If you would like to book some of Geoffrey’s time, during his stay in England, please do contact me to make arrangements at  Geoffrey would welcome the provision of, or covering the cost of, accommodation, meals and any travel expenses. He will welcome any donations towards his work you may consider giving whilst he is helping various churches in the UK. Please do take up this valuable opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you.